Beginners Quranic Tajweed Registration

Beginners Quranic Tajweed For sisters (16+)

Recitation of the Quran must be taken very seriously, learning Quran with Tajweed is important for everyone because a slight change in the pronunciation can provide a completely different meaning. Tajweed rules teach us how to read each letter of the Quran properly in order to avoid such mistakes.
The Quran was revealed with the Tajweed rules applied to it. When the angel Jabril (AS) recited the words of Allah to the Prophet Mohammad (saw) he recited them in a certain way and he showed the Prophet (saw) the ways in which it was permissible to recite it. It is upon us to observe these rules, so that we recite it exactly in the way it was revealed.
This will be a foundation course for our sisters who wants to start from the basic level. It will be a step-by-step approach in learning the tajweed rules and how they can apply them to perfect their recitation.

Starting from 27th August, Friday
Days:- Every Friday and Saturday
Time:- 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM

This event is free, with no fees!!