Kearney Lake Masjid
NSICC/ Kearney Lake Masjid

Facebook page: Kearney Lake Masjid | (902) 863-6300

Arabic Teacher and IMAM
Sheikh Wael S. M. Haridy | (902) 483-2562

Br. Ali Muhammad | (902) 999-1196

Vice President
Br. Abderrahmane Sairi | (902) 789-3617

Dr. Basem Khateeb (902) 222-5595

Br. Mohammed Imran

For General Inquiries, feedback and suggestions please reach out to:
For Scheduling social activities, sports, or any other events please reach out to:
For Women related activities or events please reach out to:
For Women who need support, who are ill and have any other questions please reach out to: [902-717-3786 or 902-412-7726]

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